Aloe Cadabra Lubricant – Organic



A pure, premium organic lubricant and daily moisturizer.



A pure, premium lubricant and daily moisturizer. Made for just you; to feel like a women’s own natural moisture. Proudly made in the USA . Each tube is filled over 95% full of Premium Organic Aloe Vera and enriched with a special blend of natural ingredients like vitamin E. Feel the difference of a luxurious lubricant that hydrates, invigorates and refreshes – all naturally, with no harsh chemicals. Glycerin Free & Paraben Free. Experience its blissful, moisturizing texture and its unparalleled conditioning and comfort after. Pleasurably conditions, nourishes and hydrates – Rich in essential vitamins and nutrients – pH balanced to insure harmony with your body – Edible – Toy compatible – Vegan.

Add a pure, luxurious sensation to your daily moisture routine and enjoy during intimacy. Certified to NSF Organic standards and FDA cleared for your safety. 2.5 OZ

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Weight 4 oz