The TheraWand LA-Wand’s brilliant curves and dual release-ends make it perfect for internal massage, trigger point release and sexual wellness.

Made of durable high quality acrylic.

Sealed in plastic and comes with an instructional brochure and custom pouch.

Recognized by the FDA as a therapeutic device for relieving pelvic pain and discomfort.

Made in the USA

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The LA TheraWand is a highly regarded therapeutic manual massage device designed with direct input by leading pelvic floor therapists. The brilliant curves and design make the LA-Wand perfect for gentle intrapelvic massage. This wand allows you to massage irritable, tight or sore trigger points in the pelvic floor musculature to relieve pelvic discomfort and pain. As a sexual wellness product, the TheraWand is also excellent for addressing anorgasmia.

The LA-Wand has two Release-Ends that consist of a finger-tip like tapered end for easy insertion and a ‘bobble’ end offering greater surface area. The bobbled end can also be used as a handle. The LA-Wand measures 9″ in length and can aid reachability for larger individuals or for those with limited mobility. The overall diameter is 5/8″ and the bobbles are 7/8″ wide. This wand can be used both rectally and vaginally. The LA-Wand is the preferred wand for anal use due to its thinner width. The TheraWand enables you to control the exact location and amount of pressure applied. In addition to the internal operator muscles this wand can reach the transverse perineal, pubo, vaginalis, and all three components of the levator ani muscle.

Our patented wands are made from high quality acrylic that is BPA free. Each wand is sealed in plastic and inspected for defect-free craftsmanship. Also included are general instructions and a beautiful carrying pouch. Made in the USA. Shipped discreetly. Please check out our colored wands at TheraWand. Any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your business and support of our products. Please consult with a healthcare professional for individualized instructions.

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Weight 4 oz

Aqua, Clear, Violet

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